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Welcome to a new approach

to women's clergy apparel


At Clergy Image, we believe you deserve professional, stylish, and comfortable clergy wear at an affordable price. And we understand women come in all shapes and sizes. So we work from your measurements to ensure the best fit possible. You choose the sleeve length, fabric, color, collar style and collar size. With Shirts and Dresses in a variety of styles, colors and sizes, we have something to meet everyone's needs. In fact, our basic shirt comes in nearly 3000 variations!

We are in the process of updating our website and merging it with our previous website - right now we are working off two different platforms. When you are ready to design your garment and place your order, you will be transferred to our previous site. The url will appear as



Designed by Women for WomeN

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Buying garmetns at Clergy Image is a unique experience with 2 distinct sections. You will start in the Shopping section where you can virtually wander around and browse. Look at garments. Ask questions. Consider which color you like. Dream about replacing your entire wardrobe. 

When you know what you want, just click a BUILD MY GARMENT button located beneath every item. That will take you to the Design part our website. Right now it looks a little different than this section, but rest assured you are still working with Clergy Image!

The first thing you will do when you get to the Design side is Log In or Create An Account.

Create your account

You can't build a garment without one. You'll need to fill in your contact and shipping information as well as measurements.

We CANNOT make your garments without measurements.

If you are an existing customer, you may have an account already set up. Use your email to log in.

Orders placed on the website will appear in your Order History making it easier for you to remember the details of your favorite Clergy Image garment.  Orders placed at events or thru the Facebook page, phone or email will not be listed in your Order History.

If you encounter any problems using this site, please email, and we can process your order manually.




I can express my own unique style and
really feel like myself in Clergy Image, and that type of comfort and confidence honestly enhances my ministry.

Vicar Sarah GArrett




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