How do I measure?

BUST - Measure at the fullest part.

WAIST - Measure at your belly button.

HIPS - Measure at the fullest part.

SIDESEAM - Measure from under your arm to the desired length of the garment. You an also  measure the length of a favorite garment. If you give us measurements for both a shirt and dress, please separate them with a /. For example: 16/32.

HEIGHT - Your Height also helps us to ensure proper length.

COLLAR - If you currently wear a Round collar, please give us the measure on the inside of the collar. If you do not know your collar size, please give us your neck measurement, and we'll add the appropriate spacing. (But be sure to tell us it's your neck measurement!)

NECK - If you do not know your collar size, please measure your neck, by placing the tape measure around your neck so it is just touching with no gaps. We will add the appropriate spacing.  Be sure to tell us it's your neck measurement!

It's best to have a friend help you. (And then you can measure her!) If you do not have a tape measure, you’ll have a chance to order one as you checkout. If does not matter if you use inches or centimeters, we will convert.  If you have additional questions about measurements or sizing, please send us an email